PrimEVIL - Norfolk's Biggest Halloween Experience!

16th October - 1st November 2015
6pm - 11pm

Norfolk's Biggest Halloween Experience!

This event is not suitable for under 12's

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What you missed in 2014

Nightmare Clinic

The Dark


Maze of Mutants

Circus of Terrors

Nightmare Clinic

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Weston Hall Insantorium has closed for good The bad news is that ‘The Nightmare Clinic’ has been established on the same premises – and somehow the vibes from the past continue to echo.

In the world of dreams everything can seem so real, nothing can hurt you, but the memories linger and fears persist. The caring clinitans of ‘The Nightmare Clinic’ will help you face your fears, after all we all want to be ‘happy, smily people’. Return refreshed from the Clinic, having cleared your lungs with a health scream or two to banish your old nightmares – (but possibly replaced them with some new ones!).

The Dark

Your worst fears lurk in The Dark!!!

What terror creeps in The DARK? What awaits you in the Weston’s barn? Can you feel breath on your neck as something watches and waits to strike? Bloodshot eyes follow your every move though the blackness of the claustrophobic maze, whispers surround you and if you listen closely you may hear your name being called out from the darkness. In The DARK you are not alone.

Your imagination is your worst enemy, but what if it isn’t just your imagination? Cold fingers plucking at your hair, touching your arms as you desperately grope your way through the labyrinth of THE DARK.


A Government test site for a failed experimental pathogen. Something went tragically wrong and the site was evacuated in panic, the scientists unable to control the contagion. Several Special Forces personnel were lost, their bodies not recovered.

Strictly off limits, the bio-hazard site is isolated and quarantined, but time has passed and the defences become weakened, - volunteers are needed to inspect and advise on its current status.

We thank you for volunteering, and will await a report upon your return. See yer!

Maze of Mutants

Longville forest town in the heart of the American countrside is a quiet isolated place. Pretty by day, and pretty darn weird by night. The small town of Longville located there has a radipdly diminshing poplulation. Don’t be shy, come on in and meet the remaining locals, home cookin’ a speciality!

Longville tourist bureau is keen to attract visitors to their quiet neck of the woods. Many find it so quaint and the locals so friendly they just can’t get away, and end up staying far longer than they intended!

The 'Longville Last Stop' service station and BBQ is run by a deranged family of hillbillys. The only fuel you will encounter here is what is used to power uncle Cletus's favorite killing weapon! And as for the BBQ food, we'll let you discover the menu for yourself. The hunt is on! To survive you will have to venture through the woods, slaughter house and scrapyard. Blood, guts, murder and mayhem all await you in the maze. Will you make it out alive – in one piece?

Circus Of Terrors - Unleashed!

Where would we be without clowns? – much safer and able to sleep at night, that’s where!

The circus is back in town, or should I say in the woods.

Infested with clowns, and no longer the happy jovial types.

Nervous giggles, shrieks of laughter, evil intent – they talk the talk whilst you walk the walk - an immersive and unnerving experience – enjoy - NOT!


    • Off Peak

    • 16th - 22nd October 2015

    • £15.95

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    • Peak

    • 23rd - 1st November 2015

    • £19.95

    • Purchase

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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