PrimEVIL - Norfolk's Biggest Halloween Experience!

13th October - 31st October 2016

Norfolk's Biggest Halloween Experience!

This event is not suitable for under 12's

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The Dark

Forest Of Fear!

Circus Of Terrors - Homecoming

Zone 64 East

Mayhem Manor Hotel

The Dark

There is only you and the Dark Beast in The Dark.

Can you escape the Dark Beast in the labyrinth or will you stay – forever?!

Forest of Fear

The local branch of the ‘Woodland Trotters’ loosely affiliated to the Ramblers have insisted that the footpath through the forest is kept open 24/7 despite the landowner desperately trying to keep it closed ‘for safety’.

Footpath rights can only be maintained by the frequent evidence of people using the pathway through the forest – even though fewer people leave than enter especially in October!

In the pervading dark of the forest ‘things’ lurk, beasts bellow and crawl, strange people seem reluctant to leave and encourage you to ‘stay awhile’. The ‘Woodland Trotters Association’ advise you to keep to the path and keep walking – running is not an option!

Circus of Terrors - Homecoming

Charlie ‘Freakini The Magnificent’, a failed showman, and his extended family of insane clowns were driven out of the local town, only after cousin ‘Depravo’ The Puppet Master, was lynched.

The clowns have now infested this neck of the woods and set up home – all welcome! Innocent Woodland paths have become twisted mazes and the hungry horrors are after revenge. Will you come out alive, become part of their new freak show or be dinner?!!

Zone 64 East

ZONE 64 East, a Zombie safe facility, or was. Being pursued by the un-dead and need somewhere safe? This could be it, but then again maybe not?! Take you chances, keep together – don’t get mauled, infected or eaten!

Mayhem Manor Hotel

In 1926 during a winter closure, a young maid disappeared whilst she was under the supervision of the caretaker. Her body was never found and nothing ever proved against the caretaker, who fell to his death in the lift shaft. The hotel is failing as guests complain of ‘noises and voices’ from the walls and strange apparitions and even stranger guests. There are penalties to pay for choosing a cheap rate hotel! Have an ‘interesting’ stay but be careful as you walk the hallways, curtail your curiosity (you know what it did for the cat!) about what goes on behind the scenes of this once famous hotel.

Visitor Information

    • Off Peak

    • 16th - 22nd October 2015

    • £15.95

    • SOLD OUT
    • Peak

    • 23rd - 1st November 2015

    • £19.95

    • SOLD OUT


Please Note: There will be strobe lighting in all attractions

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